Sunday 20th May 2012
Day 1, Williamsburg to Yorktown, and back

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MP4 Quick Time
Bumpy ride out, no camera back as bracket broke
Length - 4min 10
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Start time: 10.30
Start location: Hotel in Williamsburg
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Overcast
Total millage so far: 53.24

Stops: Yorktown

Finish time: 16.00
Finish location: Hotel in Williamsburg
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: Drizzle
Miles today: 33.0
Total millage so far: 86.23
Today's top speed: 28.7

Music played:

Blog for the day (Sunday, 20 May 2012):
Ok, start day. Got to give a big hello out to Nicole's mum who likes reading my blog, so HELLO. So, we all met up this morning for the start of our tour, lots of photos were taken outside the hotel then we headed off into the great unknown to start our own individual adventures, soul searching, etc etc. Ride down to Yorktown was nice again, although the weather was not as good as when we first went down on Friday, wish I had my camera then, oh well. There was a groundhog, which I mistook for a beaver, sitting by the side of the road, no time for pics though as my handlebar bag was giving my cabling a few problems. Gears were changing on their own and for some of the way my breaks were on! Sorted for now though. We got to the monument and took our pictures. It felt strange being the one in the photo as I've read so many blogs and the picture is always taken of the person writ ting the blog who is about to set off on their tour. Now we were looking back into the camera, it all becomes real! Then it was down to dip our back wheels into the Atlantic, or as near as dam it.

After that we had an hour to kill, so I popped back over to Surrender to see where the French won their only battle and war, with the help of the Americans ;) I went there on Friday with Ubald, but had left my camera behind. So I went and got my photos, pottered about looking at the cannons, trenches and the information boards. Fantastic to see those things, so much is left and you really get a feel for what it was like and what those guys saw with their eyes. Paid my respects to the dead Brits and cycled back to the church for lunch. They put on a great spread, thanks very much it was much appreciated. So we stayed there for some before heading back to the hotel for our last night. I kinda wish that was our holiday, that we had this base camp and we just went off for nice short rides each day. Where as now the horror is approaching fast, camping! It may go ok, it may end in hotels every night lol.

Looking forward to dinner as I'm bloody starving again and there are no good junk food shops around here where I can stock up on, well, junk!

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