Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Day 4, Ashland to Mineral'ish

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Misty lense again
Length - 10min 57
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Start time: 8.00'ish
Start location: Ashland
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Damp
Total millage so far: 170.65


Finish time: 13.50
Finish location: Mineral'ish, William Hale's place
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: Overcast
Miles today: 53.75 + 8'ish for broken speedo = 61.75 Total millage so far: 232.40
Today's top speed: 35.3
Today's average speed: 13.3

Music played:
The Annual 2008
Ministry of Sound - Clubbers Guide Summer 2008

Blog for the day (Wednesday, 23 May 2012):
I guess the gods of Athena were pissed off last night, Iínever seen or heard a storm like that ever. It started sometime in the night with huge claps of thunder which shook the ground I lay on, while trying to sleep in my tent, with strobe lights for lightning. Then there was the rain, luckily my first tent attempt stood up to all they could throw at me. So another night without any sleep, woop woop.

So far there have been no saluting the flag or singing the song each morning. Canít remember if I mentioned the ticks of the things Iíve seen so far, so ticks for rednecks, yellow school bus with kids, white picket fences, groundhog, firetrucks and sheriff's, July 4th fireworks for sale, huge camper vans, tons of junk food, and so much more. Its great fun ticking things off. Ooo another, fireflies! Loads of them in the fields, also Mockingbirds, and no, Iíve not killed one yet.

So, today's ride, long but pretty good, although near the end I just wanted it to be over. It has been pretty rewarding though, it seemed to be ever time you turned a blind corner or came over the crest of a hill, you were are met with just an amazing view. Fields of corn, little wooden houses, junk cars slowly decomposing in peoples car lots, trailer trash caravans. Sure is good here, really enjoying it. Stopped off at another service station, good in the sense that it was just what I wanted to see. Not as crazy as the other one, but still dam good. Spent most of the morning just me and my bike with crazy squirrels jumping out and about, plus another Buster Bunnie!

Nearly took a wrong turn, but was saved by Ublad again. My speedo broke towards the end of the day, so I lost about 10miles I would image which is a shame. I will try and work out what it actually was. Saw a truck with a young redneck in it, the van was covered in stickers with rifle racks in the back window! Perfect! Hmmm I think that's about. Oh I saw a tortoise too and moved it out of the road. I see so much and try and remember so much that its hard to tap it into the blog when i get back in the evening. Oh, there were lots of frat houses in the start town. The place we are staying at tonight is amazing too. Its like an old hippie commune farm. Te guy who owns it now grows his own popcorn, well, it eventually becomes that. Great guy whoís place is open to other TransAmíers

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