Tuesday 22nd May 2012
Day 3, Glendale to Ashland

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Misty lense, clears up later.
Length - 9min 56
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Start time: 08.50
Start location: Glendale
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Overcast
Total millage so far: 134.21


Finish time: 13.30
Finish location: Ashland
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: Thunder
Miles today: 36.44
Total millage so far: 170.65
Today's top speed: 40.1
Today's average speed: 15.6

Music played:
The Annual 2008

Blog for the day (Tuesday 22 May 2012):
Right then, I guess I had better get some shout-outs to people who have been in contact. Ben, Liz, Mark from CC, Jez my trainer and Boab from CC too, I think that's right, and also someone from ACA HQ who i have to find the name of.

Not much happened today, more getting lost, more lovely roads and weather, more battle signs and more excitement as what I'm doing. I really do have to keep pinching myself! Big thunder storms after we arrived into camp, which, although sold to us as having, no working pool! :( A bit more sunburn, more good food and a little rain this afternoon. The girls got lost and ended up back at the airport! So, although getting lost, I wasn't that bad. Hmmm, lots of corn-on-the-cob growing in the fields, huge gardens, lots of these pop up housing estates with fake looking houses. Saw a sign for antelope and one for Easy Street too. Lots of huge trucks, a few Confederate flags hanging outside peoples houses and another good history lesson from Mike! Can't be bad. And I'm spending pretty much nothing!! woop woop.

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