Saturday 26th May 2012
Day 7, Love to Trouteville'ish

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MP4 Quick Time
Very lost, amazing downhill ride though.
Length - 19min 27
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Start time: 7.30
Start location: Love
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Cool
Total millage so far: 286.22


Finish time: 14.00
Finish location: Camp Jesus
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: HOT
Miles today: 79..63
Total millage so far: 415.84
Today's top speed: 43.4
Today's average speed: 13.9

Music played:
Ministry Of Sound - Chilled 1991-2008
70s DISCO Hits
A-Ha - Hunting High and Low
A Flock Of Seagulls - The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls
ABBA - Gold

Blog for the day (Monday, 28 May 2012):
After a good nights sleep at the lovely house with the hot tub, I had American French Toast which was very good and sweet with several packets of sugar emptied on top lol. Again, I was near enough the last to leave at around 7.30am. The riding started bad and it should have been an omen to stay in bed this day. I took a wrong turn out the camp, again, and went for ľ mile down the road before realising. So, back onto the Ridgeway, which is really amazing. I kept on going and missed my turning right, not until after an hour or so that I had not caught anyone up, that I became suspicious! Hey-ho, I was not going to go back up those hills again, so I pushed on with blind faith that something would come up. Yeah, lots more hills! Had some lovely downhill speeds, but some of the tarmac had sunken into the gaps created by the concrete below. I had to jump over these while cycling. Good fun. So, I worked out I could get back on route by going via Buena Vista and onto Lexington that way. I was pretty tired already by all the extra climbs but I knew I was getting close to the turn off, so, zooming down one of the hills I thought I caught sight of one of our team, so wailing like a banshee I drew into the viewing park. Of course, it wasn't one of our lot as everyone read the map and went the right way! I spoke to this cool biker and got the story of why he was up there, pretty sad, he goes up every year to pay respect to one of his mates who died. So there I was, just ruined his moment! He was a top guy though and we chatted for ages before he showed me where to go and to be aware of the fast declines. We saw each other off with a handshake and for me to drop him an email, which I will do when I get online again. DAM he was right, this had to be the best downhill cycling I have ever done. F*ck me!!!!!! It is worth the climb to get up there and come back down again. I hope it comes out on camera as it is truly awesome. I'm trying to find the best ways to explain it, just f*cking the best! The road surface for a start was perfect, no loose gravel or holes. The canvas swept around the corners, gentle corners, not nasty switch-backs. The scenery was breath taking, I think I whooped and high-fived my way continuously all the way down. I did have to apply breaks at times, but I was tucked right down, legs in, leaning over the handlebars. You watch the TdF when they come down the mountains, this was that but x1000!!!! Effing A!

Once down and back to reality, the town of Buena Vista was nice, one long street with houses and stuff, and a straight run down to Lexington. That was a pretty nice place, I zipped around looking at the shops, seeing if I could see anyone, but thinking that I must be well behind the pace of the pack, and with no mobile phone, I was worried that I would be missed as the sweeper would not have swept me, so to speak. Luckily enough I saw the van in town and left a note on the windscreen letting them know I was alright. (great idea, but the note was not found till they got into camp, oh well.) So the rest of the day was pretty nasty, I was tired from all the extra climbing, the sun was beating down hard. Not all that enjoyable. Some nice scenery, a squirrel who wanted to kill me and a peacock with chicks crossing the road in front of me. A scared little Buster ran across too, poor thing, miss my Bunnie.

I met up with the Alaskanís, Iím sure they are taking EPO or something because they move! Although, in today's heat of around 95, they were melting quicker than the icecaps! Got into camp, praise the lord! Yep, full on Christan camp, so no drinking, swearing and definitely not saying what it is I do for a job! Iím sure they would still use that cross at the entrance if they knew about me! At least itís safe here, you can leave your bike about, kids play freely and it feels good. Met some nice people, more from Pennsylvania, seems like thatís where all the good people come from! Think thatís it again for now.

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