Sunday 27th May 2012
Day 8, Trouteville'ish to Christiansburg

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Lost again, scenic route of Virginia
Length - 17min 04
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Start time: 7.30
Start location: Camp Jesus
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: cool
Total millage so far: 415.84


Finish time: 13.50
Finish location: Christiansburg
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: HOT
Miles today: speedo messed up, it was meant to be 56miles, add on at least 18
Total millage so far: 489.84
Today's top speed: 38.4
Today's average speed: ?

Music played:
ABC - Look Of Love The Very Best Of
AC DC - Fly On The Wall
AC DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
AC-DC - Who Made Who (Epic Remaster)
Andy C & Grooverider - Drum & Bass Arena

Blog for the day (Monday, 28 May 2012):
Got up at 05.30 this morning to try and beat the sun. Got away when it was cool, lovely. With camp Jesus behind us, we set on our way through more glorious countryside. I played cycling leap-frog with the group of Mike, Wendy, Gina and Judy. Not far from camp a dear ran out and I hope it was captured on my GoPro camera, when I went back to see if Mike had seeen it, two more jumped out. The day grew hotter throughout and even though it was tough going, the sun and heat made it worse. A chipmunk jumped out infront of me, so he was called Alivin! I did see another later on as well, also a dead snake and another tortoise with his head out, so I got a snap of him. There are lots of the screaching cenibites about too, dam they are loud.

These maps, dam they are crap, sorry guys! They are driving me totally mad! Yes, I got lost again! Someone send me a Garmin over! Instead of the roads being coloured like on normal maps, the only roads coloured are the route your meant to take. So if your on a A road or a B road, or come to that, any road, you can tell where you are by looking at the street signs. Well there are harrdly any street signs here, NONE! Some have nmbers, but of course the locals all know them by their street name, like we do back home. So if your on a normal map and following the road, you would be able to tell where to turn off, not on these maps, the coloured 76 route jusat keeps on going without a hint to tell you to change roads. Hard to explain but enough to drive me up the effing wall. So i must have put in at least, another 18mmiles today in the heat and on the hills. Groan. We did get to swim in the pool on arrival though. Going to hop over to BK for Wifi :)

CRAP, this must be the worst BK in the world, do not come here, SCREAM!!!!

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