Tuesday, 29th May 2012
Day 10, Wytheville to Damascus

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Fast and long downhills.
Length - 18min 10
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Start time: 07.30
Start location: Wythevilla
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: clear
Total millage so far: 546.67

Finish time: 12.30
Finish location: Damascus
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: Overcast
Miles today: 58.37
Total millage so far: 605.04
Today's top speed: 40.2
Today's average speed: 14.4

Music played:
Blancmange - The Platinum Collection
Blondie - Autoamerican
Blondie - Blondie
Blondie - Parallel lines
Blur - Parklife

Blog for the day (Tuesday, 29 May 2012):
After a long week of riding and Mikes crash yesterday, the last thing anyone wanted to do today was to cycle. We are all very tired and just need a rest, and today by all accounts, was meant to be gruelling. It was pretty hard for sure with long steep hills in places, but generally they were very long and not so steep sapping hills. The weather was hot right off but threatening heavy thunder storms later on in the day. I stayed with Ublad a lot of the way, but the headwinds were pretty strong and I ended up falling behind about 20-30miles out. Lots of animals on the trails today, lots of differetn coloured large butterfly's and loads of caterpillars. There were rabbits about and chipmunks too! Another large dear jumped out too, just waiting to see how the GoPro caught it. Also lots of trailer parks about, some with lovely old cars rusting away in their driveways. The roads have been pretty good too, but some of the driving, like yesterday, was horrendous, I would say, life threatening.

We beat the rain and came whizzing down the great hills into Damascus, some gravel and junk on the road, but overall, very good. No coal lorries, but plenty of heavy goods trucks and lumber trucks too. Lots of lovely empty houses about too which is a shame, I would love to own some of them! So sad. Lots of other houses for sale, or having yard sales to raise cash. Some of the little towns too were drop dead gorgeous. Forget the name of one of them, but it was split in two by the train rails. The builders were so old, it really took you back, it was fab!! Wish I stopped to take pics, but i just didn't get the chance. Now we are here, there is a pool up the road and lots of junk food shops! I am happy lol.

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