Wednesday 30th May 2012
Day 11, Damascus - DAY OFF

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Rain and wind rolls in .
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Blog for the day (Thursday, 31 May 2012):
Fantastic, our first day off, well deserved for sure!! WE have been riding for 12days straight, the first two days just exploring the area, still, those days were about 25miles each. No chance of a laying but managed to grab 2-3 hours later in the day. I had hoped to explore the town, try the Dairy King and other junk food extravaganza's, but time got the better of me. I cycled around town getting bits and bobs for pancakes. (a firefly just floats past, lovely). No where seems to sale cooking scales! What is wrong with this place ;) lol. Just throw a cup in, well, if your cooking something then it has to be exact quantities, likes like chemistry. Anyway, I got there in the end and made some lovely pancakes. Thanks Delia Smith!

There are lots of walkers here as this town is on a famous walking trail. There are lots of guest houses and different types of lodgings which is great for the traveller. It has been boiling hot most of the day and I really hope it is cool tomorrow as apparently the hills are something to be remembered! Today's cooks had to go to the supermarket to pick up food, so off we went. Fab! Junk food heaven. I also picked up some great magazines too! :) This evening we ate out at this lovely restaurant on the river, lovely views, big food portions and lots of beer and fun talk. We all signed the card I got for Mike, and hope to have it posted soon. I also have some stuff to post back to Jack & Alfie too.


The two previous pictures were taken by Ollie and kindly given persmission to be displayed on my page here by Jake.

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Pancakes pic

Walmart pic

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