Friday 1st June 2012
Day 13, Council to Lookout

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Cold, wet and windy. Not much footage.
Length - 3min 52
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Start time: 08.00
Start location: Council
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Damp
Total millage so far: 656.50

Finish time: 13.00
Finish location: Lookout
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: WET!!
Miles today: 44.09
Total millage so far: 700.59
Today's top speed: 33.9
Today's average speed: 14.2

Music played:
Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
Busted - A Present for everyone
Busted – Busted
Carpenters - Carpenters Gold - Greatest Hits

Blog for the day (Saturday, 2 June 2012):
In the evening I cleaned the bike as the gears were not changing all that well. Good job I did as when I checked the back tire, parts of it were worn down to the thread!!! I think I fitted that one last September time, if not earlier, so it was used throughout the winter on the turbo trainer, so it was pretty slick.

Today, the morning started off ok but it soon started raining, then it just got heavier and heavier. I’m glad I wore my Gore jacket but wished I had packed my boots and other water-proof gear. But we were not expecting rain. The drivers seemed to be getting worse the closer we get to the state line too, lots of crazy overtaking and lots of hill-boys in their pick-ups. The views and scenery was pretty good, but due to the rain, I packed away the camera. There were lots of heavy lorries about which, at the speed they are travelling, really cause the bike to loose control after they pass. I was half expecting/hoping to see a KFC right at the state line, but no joy, although there was a coal mine with plenty of large trucks going too and throw. With photos taken, we headed off again. I was sure glad to have changed that tire last night as the roads were caked in oil, it was like cycling on a rainbow made of ice! Very scary, the front wheel felt really loose on it, the roads were ok, but in some parts there was a lot of damage due to the heavy trucks. Again, the scenery was pretty dam impressive, but due to the weather, I had the GoPro turned off and packed away which was a shame. With the rain too, we were not able to utilise the nice downhill runs which we had earned going up on the other side. Lots of dog barking, but none chasing yet.

Some of the hills were pretty dam hard and ongoing, but all good in the end. More ghost towns on route which makes me sad, Haysi being one of the worst, lots of old shops giving, swapping or selling old clothes, I was unable to tell which. It is also Giro day too which meant more drivers, probably more drink drivers too, certainly worse driving as we neared and crossed the state line. There were ques at the drive-through banks as people cashed in. Most, if not all the cars, are smashed up, this is the ones parked up in peoples yards, plus still being driven around. We stopped off at Elkhorn, soaking wet and freezing, had burger which was well deserved indeed. More funny street names and lots of places for taking photo’s, but due to the rain, I just couldn't be bothered! Oups. Think that is it for the day, no real dramas, we are now in a gym and all I want to do is sleep.

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