Saturday 2nd June 2012
Day 14, Lookout to Hindman

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End up at Catman's!
Length - 15min 46
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Start time: 07.40
Start location: Lookout
Start State: Kentucky
Start weather: Cold
Total millage so far: 700.59

Finish time: 13.10
Finish location: Hindman
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: Overcast
Miles today: 50.67
Total millage so far: 751.26
Today's top speed: 41.8
Today's average speed: 13.4

Music played:
Carpenters - Carpenters Gold - Greatest Hits
Chicane - Behind The Sun
Coldplay - X&Y
Crash Summer Annual 2006

Blog for the day (Saturday, 2 June 2012):
Last night was fun, Pictionary wars. For some reason the iPhone had an English edition so the yanks had a disadvantage, although that also meant I did too as I had to try and draw for them. Oh well. It had to be one of the funniest evenings so far. Had a great sleep, even though I had 2-3hrs earlier. So, Kentucky, home of coal trucks and dogs, at least the weather had improved by stop raining. The drivers and their cars are still bad, shouting and tooting their horns, driving fast and too close. This seems to be a really poor place/State. On the week days we have seen the odd yard-sale, today is Saturday and there are just loads, everyone seems to be doing them, the whole State seems like one giant car-boot-sale. Everyone seems poor and are trying to raise money by selling whatever they can, yet you still see them with 3 or more cars in their drives, huge satellite dishes and even one guy who was putting in a new pool. It's pretty annoying and its the same back home. People winge they have no money, yet they spend what they have on crap! Smoking, drinking, buying new trainers and doing drugs. They moan that they live in a "ghetto", but it's mostly of their own making! They go around smashing the place up, spraying their tags all over the place, which then turns their area in to a sh*t tip. A self fulfilling prophecy. They dump their trash everywhere, like here, on their front lawns and at the sides of the roads. Why do that?! "We live in a ghetto" Well, you turned it into one! We have no money, but have new trainers. Because they have no money and no prospects, as they say, they go out looting, for new trainers. Gone off on a tangent here, the connection I'm trying to make is that even if your poor, you don't have to go around smashing up where you live, dumping your McD's packaging at the side of the road, especially in such a beautiful place like this. It sounded better when I thought about it and cycled with what I wanted to say now.

Lots of crazy hills and yard sales. The weather was pretty cold most of the day, not too nice, good for cycling although you soon overheat on the hills. A bit windy too. Stopped off at a nice petrol station with staff with the most amazing accents! Lots of dogs barking from behind gates which was good, a couple more chasers and one which nearly went under Ublads wheels. There were two on a steep part of one of the hills working as a team. They split up with one on one side of the road, and the other on the opposite, standing in the middle of the road. We both shouted at them and they actually moved! Then, because they looked so cute, I felt sorry for them lol. Later on a funnier situation happened when this little ickly dog came out into the road, but he didn't know what to do and we just laughed at him.

We popped into Dairy Queen and that was about it for the day. We are now at this amazing quiet location with lots of cats. Happy and content.

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