Sunday 3rd June 2012
Day 15, Hindman to Booneville

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Ubald taken out by dogs!
Length - 12min 42
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Start time: 08.02
Start location: Hindman
Start State: Kentucky
Start weather: Rain
Total millage so far:

Finish time: 14.31
Finish location: Booneville
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: hot sunny
Miles today: 63.41
Total millage so far: 814.67
Today's top speed: 44.3
Today's average speed: 13.5

Music played:
Crash Summer Annual 2006
Crash Winter Warmers 2007
David Bowie - The Best Of David Bowie 1969-1974

Blog for the day (Monday, 4 June 2012):
Well last night was quite something, millions of cats pissing all over the places and trying to get into peoples tents. The morning started good with a huge breakfast, I could only eat part of it before we were off. I think we got about 1mile up the road before the heavens opened and it emptied down. I guess it was my birthday pressie to Ollie from England, RAIN! Lol I left all my rain gear in the bags so I just got soaked right through, hey-ho, this is an adventure after all.

Lots more poor towns, empty businesses and houses, along with yard sales. Huge buzzards flying overhead when the sun came back out after an hour or so which cause huge shadows which cover the whole road! Lots more road kill too along with bad driving, wonder if there is a link? Also, every car is smashed in some way or another, I wondered if when you buy a brand new car, if they ask you if you want a dent put it there and then. Lots of cocks in cages, I guess the locals do a lot of cock fighting!

The hills were pretty long and bad and we are all itching for another day off. We stopped off at one service station after meeting up with the Alaskans. One of the roads, dam, I think it was i80 or something, nightmare!! Had to check my compus to see if I were going the right way. Anyway, this service station, very “local”, then this guy came in on a quad bike with I think some of his family following on another. Dam, this guy had the craziest local accent! I needed subtitles to understand him, it was effing amazing! I tried to film him, but not sure if anything came out. He spoke like a cross between Buford T. Justice from James Bond and the Clampetts.

The only other big news of the day is Ublads lucky escape! Fast downhill run into some outback hillbilly town where it levels out where the “town” begins. I was about 1-2mins behind, luckily or unluckily, which ever way you look at it. I cam across Ublad standing up next to his bike with some locals around him. I wasn’t sure what was going on, I saw no guns, so I assumed it was safe to stop and see what the problem was, probably just a flat. Nope, some effing little dog, two of them, had run out into the road to get him and gone under his back wheel, causing him to crash at about 30mph. He seemed ok, a bit bloody, so I got my first aid kit out and did what I could. Phone service was out for some reason, but after being cleaned up and dresses, he was driven the 10miles to camp by one of the locals. Seeing the locals, I probably would have cycled lol. It’s crazy, it seems to be the faster you go the less injury you do, poor Mike was doing hardly any and he broke his collarbone.

Now we are at the health spa with amazing bathroom and shower facilities. People would pay a lot of money for this! Wonder what else can go wrong today.

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