Thursday 7th June 2012
Day 19, Harrodsburg to Bardstown

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Lovely rolling hills.
Length - 12min 14
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Start time: 08.00
Start location: Harrodsburg
Start State: Kentucky
Start weather: Cool
Total millage so far: 918.64

Finish time: 12.20
Finish location: Bardstown
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 48.23
Total millage so far: 966.87
Today's top speed: 37.6
Today's average speed: 14.8

Music played:
DJ Prime Cuts - Hip Hop Don't Stop The Greatest
Duran Duran - Greatest

Blog for the day (Friday, 8 June 2012):
YMCA! Not a good nights sleep there last night because of the traffic and the many trains which pass through the town hooting its horn every few seconds. Still, it was a short ride of 50 odd miles to the next stop. A cold start to the day, especially in the shade, but the day warmed up nicely. We pottered along through some more amazing scenery like yesterday, stopping to take more photos. Lots more rundown houses, maybe they are not empty and falling down, but maybe there are going in for the shabby-chic look. We got sad news early on in the morning that Ollie was not responding and that the decision had been taken to turn off his life support machine at 11.00am. Very hard to take in. Such a big character gone in a blink of an eye. Listening to Johny Cash Ė Hurt.

So, somehow I managed to get lost after riding with the girls from some lovely towns and scenery. I think I took the 152 down to Springfield, maybe it was subconscious as I wanted to go see Bart. The roads, well, good god they were pretty amazing, lots of rolling hills which Made me giddy with excitement. Hopefully it will come out on video as there seemed to be a problem with it at the most important stage. I had a few choices on how to get back on route, all seemed to be a long way round with lots of extra miles, so I thought sod it and went on route150 straight into Bardstown. Got a nice tailwind which pushed me along or maybe I was just cycling fast and hard on the drop bars. Averaging around 25mph, only dropping down a bit when the long hills came Ė slightly. Lots of heavy trucks and cars though, had a fair few idiot drivers today who drove too close. Not as bad as back home in London, but still. The race was on to beat everyone else Back to camp. I was confused by the roads and went straight into town where I started to ask people where the camp site was. Typical, who should I meet but a English family who were slightly lost too lol. They were from Hampshire and were heading home the next day. I found the route from the tourist info office, dam, it was the way I had come and nearly stopped to ask a copper I saw on the same corner I needed. I whizzed back the way I had come and into McDís to ask someone else. So off I went again down to the camp site to see Ublad just setting his tent up!! DAMN!! Nearly beat him again, but not quite. Although, if I had cycled straight down the road when I came to it, (if there was a cone), then I would certainly have been fist in, and cut off about 10miles from the planned route lol. Ah well.

After setting up camp, I headed back into town to explore. Very nice little old town, highly recommend visiting, it was just what Iíve been looking to find. I locked up my bike and headed over to Hurstís ice cream parlour. I got my ice creamed and chilled out, moving to a window seat quickly once the cowboy had left. So tempted to ask him for a photo, but thought I would get wacked. So there I say, eating my chili dog with cheese, looking out the window people watching. FAB!!! So there I was making up stories for the people driving and walking-by. There were loads of cars driving past and big motorbikes. There was this truck cab who drove past with a huge fat woman in the passenger seat, maybe its their little runaround town. Anyway, she was huge and stuffing her face with more food!! Being a dry county, there are a lot of distilleries around here

Anyway, at camp now and will have to go up to McDís to upload this to the net.

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