Friday 8th June 2012
Day 20, Bardstown to White Mills

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Hilly day with corn.
Length - 17min 15
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Start time: 08.10
Start location: Bardstown
Start State: Kentucky
Start weather: Chilly
Total millage so far: 966.87

Finish time: 14.45 Ė think it was nearer 14.00
Finish location: White Mills, camp Jesus
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 61.24
Total millage so far: 1028.11
Today's top speed:36.8
Today's average speed: 14.7

Music played:
Duran Duran Ė Greatest
Eazy - E - Eazy-Duz-It
Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World - The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra
Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In
Full Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Blog for the day (Saturday, 9 June 2012):
BROKE THE 1000 MILE MARK!!!!!!!!!!
Today started bad in that I overslept by 45mins, no idea what happened to the alarm clock! Then I couldínt find my bum cream! Luckily I had a small emergency pot in my saddle bag. A chilly start as we headed off past the bourbon distilleries and their many warehouses. More beautiful scenery awaited us with more photo stops around every corner. We stopped off for lunch at some guy called Abraham Lincolnís birthplace and house. However, they donít know if it is actually house or a flat pack copy. I donít think its an Ikea one though. Some photos are really hard to take as there seems to be electric or phone cables running overhead everywhere which really spoil the shot.

We cycled into Buffalo after a nice lady gave us cold drinks, her dog was called pancake. I was hoping to see something buffalo related, or a heard roaming around Ė joke, but no :( On we went and I got to Sonara just as a train had left. Damn, I always seem to miss seeing them! On the way out of town, another came through tooting its horn, missed that one too. Anyway, Sonara, what a lovely little town. I popped into the antique place as it looked so awesome from the outside. Each side of the road you look, looked like something out the wild west! Perfect, another tick off my list of things to see. Super little shop with amazing wooden floors I would have shipped back. Anyway, the shop was closing, as many are in America, although she is opening up an antique come tea room type place just on the other side of the railway tracks, which, like most towns encountered so far, split the town in half. So the shop was closing down and I had a good rummage through just in case something super-awesome and fabulous jumped out at me and I just had to buy it. Unfortunately nothing did. Had a good chat with them which was nice. I found out that since the trains ceased to stop at the town, it started to die, plus a lot of the kids moved to the cities now. I wished them luck and popped across the road at their recommendation to the eatery. I grabbed a drink and sat down to read the TransAm blog dating back to 1979. I even saw someone from Somerset in there! Damn him lol. I left my entry in and talked to some guys outside about what goes on around there. Not a lot. I asked about the crops which grew and which ones were tobacco. Apparently the Amish grow it! So off I went in search of Amish tobacco growers. I found them and the plants, I was following the horse crap in the road, but didnít see any buggy's. One of the farms had a few kids playing outside and a sign saying they sold lots of fresh produce. If it wasnít so hot and late in the day, I would have popped in and chatted to them too.

I arrived into another camp Jesus across a rickety old bridge, perfect! Tick. No sign of the Dukes of Hazard though. Thatís about it for the day. We saw a couple of guys out on nice TT bikes, had a few dog chases, both I had to get the water bottle out and squirt Ďní shout at them. Nearly crashed by not paying attention, but nothing too serious! Oups. I missed some funny road signs too, ďlick my holeĒ or something like that! Thatís about it, we are in a lovely spot and just hope the temperature starts to drop some into the evening. Tomorrow is meant to be really hot! Lots of pics, sorry

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