Tuesday 19th June 2012
Day 31 - Eminence to Houston

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Lovely changing scenery with lots of side wind, but not much else.
Length - 14min 15
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Start time: 6.59
Start location: Eminence
Start State: Missouri
Start weather: Warm
Total millage so far: 1499.06

Finish time: 11.04
Finish location: Houston
Finish State: Missouri
Finish weather: Warm
Miles today: 45.46
Total millage so far: 1544.52
Today's top speed: 47.1
Today's average speed: 13.5

Music played:
Kate Bush - The Whole Story
Keane - Hopes And Fears
Kraftwerk - Computer World (Remastered)

Blog for the day (Tuesday, 19 June 2012):
Ok I have to start with some stuff I remembered from yesterday like the young kid loading peoples bags in the grocery store and then taking them out to the car. Thought that only happened years ago. So the route today was pretty short, a nice ride but very hilly. I kinda liked the hills today, mainly because the weather was cooler with some cloud cover. It didn't help that I had pretty bad sunburn on my feet though! So I made it to one town to post more postcards to the kids back home. Crazy rude lady in PO was like, how much do you normally pay?? I'm like, I don't know!! drives me mad when people cant do their jobs. I don't suffer fools gladly, being driven around the bend a lot lately! Could be the heat, but I think some people are just jerks and there's nothing you can do about it.

So far I've noticed that a lot, if not all small towns, display their school team mascot everywhere, either on flags or on top of water towers. They seem very proud of them. Its nice to see. There were a couple of nice dogs I had to shout at again today as I thought they may want to eat me, belive me, cycling across America they really do! We are chased by them daily. But these ones had reflectors hanging around their necks which was good. I got upto the fire watch tower in good time today, I had a look around and thought I would climb up it. I got about 1/4 of the way up and thought NO way. the thing was swaying in the high winds and it didn't feel too safe! Back on the bike! Got some new roadkill today! Armadillos are on the menu now. Not seen them before, certainly not seen a live one, and i doubt if i will at this rate. Think I swerved around 4 of them. I nearly got killed by a tortoise the other day though. Little baby shit came from no where and I had to swerve quickly. There were loads of turtles in the water and sitting on banks & branches yesterday. Get close to them and they just jump in.

The hills are steep but generally the land is beginning to roll like prairies in places, very pretty. Lots of cows in the fields who I say morning too, they seemed pleased of the attention so I will keep it up till I am put in a mental health unti! lol I think if Wendy had her way, I would already be! So, I saw long horned cow too! like the ones in the cowboy films etc, very cool.

We arrived into Houston Texas county without a problem ;) Thought it may rain, but no. Kept the day cool. Had a shower at the nice pool, didn't get in which is a shame as I would liked to have been saved by the lifeguards! I popped into town and met up with Ublad, took some photos and wandered into the pawn shop. WICKED! guns guns guns! I was like a kid in a candy shop, there were live rounds laying around in boxes, semi-automatics on the shelves for like $500,they probably had anti-tank missiles out back, it was that kinda place!! So i played with the shotguns and old Remington's as well as the AKs and AR's. On the way back I stopped off and watched little league baseball, great to see!! Soooo American!! It was great. Another couple of ticks off my list.

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