Wednesday 20th June 2012
Day 32 - Houston to Marshfield

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MP4 Quick Time
Lovely scenery, very hot with lots of side wind, check the flags.
Length - 19min 35
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Start time: 07.00
Start location: Houston
Start State: Missouri
Start weather: clear and warm
Total millage so far: 1544.52

Finish time: 12.36
Finish location: Marshfield
Finish State: Missouri
Finish weather: hot
Miles today: 67.66
Total millage so far: 1612.18
Today's top speed: 43.9
Today's average speed: 14.3

Music played:
Kylie Minogue - Greatest Hits
Level 42 - Definitive Collection
London Posse - Gangster Chronicle
M People - Elegant Slumming

Blog for the day (Wednesday, 20 June 2012):
Lost map, broken tent pole & no showers are not a good start to the day when waking up at 5am. Still, I got away onto the road by 7am and the scenery today was fantastic. It has to be the most like back home I have seen so far, lovely and just what I needed. Again, there were lots of cows in the fields to say good morning too, and they responded with moos and the like. I guess everyone is in cars so they don't get much conversation day to day. There were lots of straight roads and some fantastic hills, hard and kinda steep, but enjoyable all the same. I keep forgetting to mention that they farmers here still burn the corn/wheat etc stubble, like they used to back home. Not sure why they stopped it. With lots of road kill on the road, I've still not had the joy of being covered in goo while a car passes me and hits some existing rotting animal. Hope it doesn't happen either. It's a shame you cant smell what we have to smell daily, and its' odd, the worst smells seems to come when you cant see the dead animal!

The towns are pretty clean, i mean, there is not much litter and no graffiti like there is back home, no smashed up phone boxes etc. Saying that, you very rarely seen anyone under 50years old! So many people seem to be doing this trip, it sucks lol. Every day you pass or see someone riding across country, dam! haha. Apparently there are several more Brits ahead of me by a few days! Perhaps we are planning to take over the country again! Just need a flag to plant ;)

So, I came across a open firework stall, GREAT! Almost as good as yesterdays gun shop, better in other ways as I could buy them. Not sure what the law was yesterday if I had wanted to buy an AK. So, the fireworks were great and dam cheap too. 100rockets for $5, loads of bangers for a couple of bucks. So much fun to be had. Bottle rockets are the ones you shoot at each other! ahahahha, going to keep some on my bike for dogs! ;)

Not much else happened, a few close car passes, w*nkers. I popped into Jay's Nest on recommendation of other blogs I read last year. Great! Stuffed my face on a pitbull! They do close early though, 4pm, so get in quick and say hi to the girls behind the counter. Free WiFi too!! woop woop.

We are staying down the road in a park, near a rodeo ground, which is getting ready for 4th July weekends fun and games. We had to use the pool for showers, so I guess no shower tomorrow morning again. Showers were cold and not very good :( There is a French family who just turned up in their waggon, photographers with "We Scan The World" written on the side. Looks like they are having a huge trip! Not much to do in town, blog and photos all done, nothing too exciting on the video which I can remember. Have to cook tomorrow so not sure I will get time to blog. Enjoy the pics

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