Saturday 23rd June 2012
Day 35 - Pittsburg to Chanute

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Hot, long, dogs, flat, loved the church which gave me shade. I like this video
Length - 15min 42
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Start time: 07.12
Start location: Pitsburg
Start State: Kansas
Start weather: warm
Total millage so far: 1741.36

Finish time: 11.25
Finish location: Chanute
Finish State: Kansas
Finish weather: hot
Miles today: 61.89
Total millage so far: 1803.25
Today's top speed: 34.2
Today's average speed: 16.2

Music played:
Nik Kershaw - The Essential Nik Kershaw
Now Thats What I Call Music! - Vol1
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory
Orbital - Orbital

Blog for the day (Saturday, 23 June 2012):
So another early start, up at 5am. Counting down the days to get away from some of the people out here, but the cycling is amazing, I will really miss this. The trip is mine though, so I'm making the most of it and enjoying it all the way. It is going to be so hard going back to my old life. Not sure how others have done it. Is it time for a career change? Is this what I needed? I certainly have lots of time to think about life and what I want from it. Like I was typing yesterday, I'm so lucky to be out here doing this.

The scenery has changed so much, although the idea that Kansas is flat is something of a myth - at least at the moment. Maybe it will flatten out later. More corn and tobacco growing out in the fields.The weather is certainly on our side with the tailwinds and cross winds in our favour. Funny thing is, I cant remember too much about today's trip. Maybe its the several nice cold beers I've drunk in the tacky sports bar in town. At least it has good AC and free wifi lol. The roads were mostly straight with the maps very easy to follow. The road surface changed from amazing to bloody crap in places, again, giving me and my bike a good shaking.

I went thought more small towns, mostly a shadow of their former selves. Pretty sad as they look great, typical small American town squares with little shops. I will have to look at the map, but one of them, (the one with the UH-1 in the square), was right out of Back To The Future. Now it has lots of hairdressers and not much else. I hope something can be done to save these towns so they don't just fall apart and become deserted. They are a part of history and it would be a shame to loose that.

I met up again with a couple who are cycling self-supported with all their gear. Doing it as we are is hard enough, so I have no idea how these guys are doing it! Good luck to them. Its' pretty hard to find somewhere to pee too as there is nowhere to duck behind, although the traffic is pretty light. Below is a selection of pics, I always put more on my FB account. I've included some of the pics from last nights baseball game too.

Can't think of much more to write. I guess I will go back and have a siesta!

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