Sunday 24th June 2012
Day 36 - Chanute to Eureka

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Hot empty towns, Very hot today, interesting to see Kansas.
Length - 15min 08
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Start time: 6.00
Start location: Chanute
Start State: Kansas
Start weather: Hot
Total millage so far: 1803.25

Finish time: 11.09
Finish location: Eureka
Finish State: Kansas
Finish weather: VERY hot
Miles today: 63.46
Total millage so far: 1866.71
Today's top speed: 30.7
Today's average speed: 15.1

Music played:
Orbital - Orbital
Orbital - Snivilisation
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages - Greatest Hits
Pet Shop Boys - Discography - The Complete Singles Collection

Blog for the day (Sunday, 24 June 2012):
Here I am in Eureka watching the England game against Italy. Its bloomin' hot outside, and I mean REALLY hot. Ah, and we just lost on penalties - again. What do you expect when you let those fools take them! ok, so on to today. Really early start to try and miss as much of the heat and wind as possible. Did it work? Kinda, but it was still hot and windy, mostly tailwind till the last 5miles. Not much to write again today. Still waiting for Kansas to get flat though. The scenery was, yet again, pretty impressive. Its so amazing to see and ride through it without a cloud in the sky. You can easily imagine Indians living around here, (i have no idea if they did, and knowing me, they probably didn't lol). So yeah, Indians and their teepee, horses and buffalo on the planes & prairies. It is beautiful you almost feel on top of the world here. Then you think about the first settlers out here, exploring the lands. All good.

Popped into Lizard Lips and had some lovely toast and followed the yellow brick road to the bathroom. Eureka seems pretty big, but too hot to go outside and explore. I cant think off much else that's happened, sorry! Here are some photos or corn, corn and more corn.

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