Sunday 8th July 2012
Day 50 - Frisco, Day off!

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Blog for the day (Tuesday, 10 July 2012):
Ah another day, just what we needed. We had a lovely house to stay in with a hot tub too. Caught up on lots of sleep. The day off was spent doing laundry, blogging, going over to Walmart to pick up some ingredients for the sponge cake. The afternoon was spent trying to cook a dam sponge cake at 10,000ft or something It doesn't work! :(

In the evening we had dinner with Wendy's brother and family before they headed home. It was great to meet them and I really enjoyed their company, we had lots of laughs and they were very welcoming, generous and great fun, oh, and not stuck up their own arses! It was a shame to see them go. Not much else happened on the day off, lovely.

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