Monday 9th July 2012
Day 51 - Frisco to Hot Sulphur Springs

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Lovely scenery, hot day again and sun burnt. Long video but just gorgeous.
Length - 22min 13
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Start time: 07.39
Start location: Frisco
Start State: Colorado
Start weather: Clear/cool
Total millage so far: 2575.0

Finish time: 13.05
Finish location: Hot Sulphur Springs
Finish State: Coloraddo
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 67.73
Total millage so far: 2643.63
Today's top speed: 36.9
Today's average speed: 16.2
Today's ride time: 4hrs 10mins 19
Punctures - 2 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel)

Music played:
The Very Best Of Power Ballads
Thompson Twins - The Greatest Hits
Travis - The Man Who Ultravox - The Best Of

Blog for the day (Tuesday, 10 July 2012):
Ahhh a lovely rest day yesterday left me feeling nice and chilled. Apparently there was a bear trying to get in the trash cans last night, but I didn't hear a thing. A chilly start to the day so I put on a few extra layers and headed out of Frisco with Ublad. The clear sky's and mountains are breathtaking, it was very hard to cycle as one just kept looking in every direction and then stopping to take photos. The bike path was excellent again, and made fun/more interesting by the many chipmunks standing right in the way and not moving till the last moment, or running out, then running back to the bushes. Very cute indeed, they run with their tails up in the air too. I'm sure my sister will want some now. I wonder if we could release them into the wild back home. ;)

The ride and views were great, although it did warm up within a few hours of being out on the road. Some of the road surface left a lot to be desired while other bits looked like it had been layed just for us the night before. I took an extra mile past the turning, luckily Ublad was feeling generous, especially after his mountain climb yesterday, he chased me down and let me know about the turning. Glad we took this route as the scenery, again, was amazing. I know I keep saying this, but i cant find words to describe how fantastic how great the scenery it is. The route around the dam was great though, the road surface was cool and the hills not too bad. More photos! Then it was back onto the main road, not so nice :( At Kremmling I stopped at a service station and topped up my water and got some food. No more honeybuns as just seen they contain 0.5g of trans-fats or something.

The last leg to Hot Sulphur started not so well, with another busy road, I checked out the Cobra attack chopper, wonder if I can get to have a go in one, one day Then I cycled past a shooting range! Fab! no way to get to it though, i think it was public, but didn't have a place to hire guns, i.e. you had to take your own. I don't have one :( The road improved with a nice big hard shoulder to use. Suddenly the route dropped down and opened up into a huge canyon, gorge, valley, whatever you want to call it. Breathtaking!! The way the rock was formed or cracked was beautiful! High walls either side with the Colorado river passing down the center, with a railway line on one side and the road slightly higher. I wish there were places to pull over and take photo's, but there just wasn't, and the road was pretty busy too. 10/10! So lucky to be seeing these things and doing this trip, even though there are times when I wish I was back in rainy London. One just takes it for granted, like eating dinner this evening and looking up at the high mountains, blue sky, mosquito's buzzing around the porto-bog lol. Nah, it's great fun. I got a room at the hotel here lol. So, I had been wearing lots of layers this morning, and stripped them off, however, i forgot to put any sun cream on this morning. So here I am, back to my Bantham red lobster look! Groan, I hope it wears off. Now, a couple of English lads have arrived, one from Salisbury and the other from Fairford I think he said, near Guildford anyway. They seem alright, first Brit's I've seen and spoken to on the trip! Buggers, taking my glory lol. Nah, it's all part of the master plan to take back our country! - Hot America - Where we are staying

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