Sunday 29th July 2012
Day 71, White bird to New Meadow

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MP4 Quick Time
More riverside cycling, and I think a lot of climbing on a hot day..
Length - 18min 00
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Start time: 07.21
Start location: White bird
Start State: Idaho
Start weather: Warm
Total millage so far: 3,681.46

Finish time: 12.52 – what time zone, should another hour be added??
Finish location: New Meadow
Finish State: Idaho
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 59.51
Total millage so far: 3,740.97 – computer says 3,739.50. similar to other figure, thought I had lost miles due to computer error though. Might use the computer number from now.
Today's top speed: 29.2 – really?
Today's average speed: 14.5
Today’s ride time: 4hr 06min 17sec
Punctures - 3 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Nicky Romero - 28-04-12
The Essential Mix - Groove Armada - 05-05-12
The Essential Mix - DJ Pierre - 14-01-07
The Essential Mix - Gareth Wyn - 15-01-11

Blog for the day (Monday, 30 July 2012):
Waiting for the video to upload at the moment. So I was on the phone earlier to Ben, saying how this wasnt' a holiday, that this is really hard work for what must be, then 100th time. I remembered the conversation while I was relaxing in the hot spring just behind the campground. I'm trying now to work out how I can make this part sound like hard work too.

Today was a mixed bag of hard and pretty hard. My legs were tired after yesterdays good ride day, so the start was slow. It didn't get much better. The sun beat down on us relentlessly all day, though the hills and mountains along the river. I stopped off lots of water and food, one of the places was an amazing fruit store. The staff were friendly and the fruit smelled fresh, then there were the home made pies, I could have stayed there all day.

The roads were mixed, some really good, some just the worst! hard work to ride on safely with the heavy traffic going past. On the map there was a petrol station which I was aiming for to get water. Of course, it was shut. God dammit. Luckily though, the campground next day was open. A very kind nice lady filled my bottles with water and ice, even offering my pie!! wow. I had to turn down the pie though as wanted to get to camp. I asked about a bottle of wine too, but she said I had to come back and stay some time lol.

Cant remember too much more, fantastic scenery as always, lots to see and be happy about. Two weeks time and I will be home in my own bed! Fantastic. Of course I will really miss America, but it will be so nice to be home with Buster ;)

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