Monday 30th July 2012
Day 72 - New Meadows to Cambridge

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Lovely scenery yet again, makes me want to go back. Very hot with lots of close cars. Rang Jez up to let him know there was only a week left!
Length - 18min 22
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Start time: 08.00
Start location: New Meadows
Start State: Idaho
Start weather: Cool
Total millage so far: 3,740.97 – computer says 3,739.50. similar to other figure, thought I had lost miles due to computer error though. Will use the computer number from now.

Finish time: 12.45
Finish location: Cambridge
Finish State: Idaho
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 53.6
Total millage so far: 3,793.1
Today's top speed: 39.5
Today's average speed: 16.6
Today’s ride time: 3hr 12min 41sec
Punctures - 3 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Gareth Wyn - 15-01-11
The Essential Mix - Marco Carola - 05-02-11

Blog for the day (Tuesday, 31 July 2012):
Today, hmmm what happened? Well last night we had the second day of the TransAm Olympics 2012, with a slow bike race. That was fun, I cam second. The morning was freezing, not sure how we got ourselves together, a warm cup of tea! I gave my gym trainer a ring, it being Monday, my usual gym day, I thought he would be sitting around with nothing to do, but he's in bloody Italy cycling! jammy git. I will have to wait till we are back to sort out sessions. Need to get fit ;)

We barely got a mile when we all came to a complete stop and had our photo's taken with the 45th parrallel sign. This was one of the funniest points of the day as the van came by and we all waved our water bottles asking for water, less than a mile from camp. Little things... I didn''t stop at the first town, but made it to the second after a bit of climbing, some more dangerous roads and a mixed bag of good and killer drivers. The downhill after the pass was great, starting to get my speed back again now. This was followed by a lovely long straight road, good surface with a tailwind into Council, averaging between 20-30mph, overtaking Ubald into town. Lovely little place, although some of the people are a little odd. I tried getting the attention of a women so I could ask her where the best place to eat was, but she ran away - near enough! Anyway, had a huge breakfast that I hoped would set me up for the rest of the day, but left me feeling rough. More bad roads and drivers on the way out of town, some good ones too who gave lots of rooms. Seems like the crappy ones give other cars plenty of space, but they barely give us a foot at times. I would like to give them the finger, but this being Idaho, a rough state with lots of KKK, survivalists and other nutters, I kept my finger to myself! lol.

Made it to Cambridge in good time, legs felt ok today, went past a scrub land fire just outside of Council, with firemen putting it out. The road which took us to our camp for tonight seemed to go on for ages. Made it back and went to bed. Finally made my cake, which was a success, well, it went down quick and no one complained. I wonder what happened to all that broken egg shell ;) Pics of the cake tomorrow, and more news on the third day of the Olympics too. Oh, lots of the past few days of rock formations have been really volcanic, similar to what you see in Ireland at the Giants Causeway.

I wanted to start making a list of things I've seen, done and felt over the best 3months. It's kinda easy to of these as you cycle along, taking your mind off the millage, but not so easy now. Perhaps I should take a Dictaphone and do it like that! great idea.

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