Monday 21st May 2012
Day 2, Williamsburg to Glendale

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Lost early on.
Length - 7min 21
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Start time: 09.00
Start location: Williamsburg
Start State: Virginia
Start weather: Overcast
Total millage so far: 86.23

Finish time: about 13.30
Finish location: Glendale
Finish State: Virginia
Finish weather: Overcast
Miles today:47.98
Total millage so far: 134.21
Today's top speed: 29.7

Music played:
Ministry of Sound - Judgement Sundays - the Mix 2007 the True Sound of Ibiza Mixed By Judge Jules
Ministry Of Sound - The Annual 2008

Blog for the day (Monday, 21 May 2012):
My God, this just gets better and better, if you ever do just one cycle trip in your life, then (up to now anyway), cycle across Virginia. The roads are amazing, the drivers give you room, the wildlife is everywhere and the scenery with the history tied in, just blows you away! Come do this trip NOWWW.

Ok today, well I was the last to leave at about 9am and got lost pretty much less than 1mile from the start point lol, still, i plugged away and ended up finding a large part of the group at Jamestown historical centre. Didn't go fully inside as it cost a few $$. Continued cycling stopping at near enough every historical sign, it was great!! Probably a good thing Ben isn't here lol. We stopped off later in the day at this little amazing gas station. It was pure redneck hicksville etc etc. You go in and it was perfect!! Just like what you would imagine, hunting gear next to ice pops, pigs trotters next to industrial cleaner. Probably used to help the decomposition of murdered TransAm cyclists!! lol. Had my lunch of a Twinkie ;) some crisps and a Hershey bar.

Saw a couple of dead road-kill snakes, little blue birds and a GroundHog, which I managed to take a picture of this time. I called him Buster after our rabbit, which he seemed to like because after going down his main entrance, he popped his head a side hole. Fields of corn or some kinda wheat crop growing on either side of the road, so I had to do my Gladiator bit and run my hands along and through it as I cycled. Happy Simon. The road services varied, but were pretty dam good with a nice pace of 20-23mph. There was some drizzle, but overall it was perfect all round. Good temps if a little sweaty in places. When i reached camp we had our outside shower which was actually really good! I surprised myself! A bit later AirForce One flew over and just managed to snap off a pic. More fun was had by all when a UPS driver turned up and Huey recreated his past. I think that is it, although so much happens in the day its sometimes hard to remember. But I am loving this so far.

keep remembering little bits like all the pesky squirrels everywhere who are just suicidal and want to jump into your spokes. Then there was the guy serving at the little petrol station we stopped off at. He was like 90yrs old, then he shouts out a question to his mum! In the evening another large passenger style jet fly a littler higher out of the same airport at AF1 earlier, this one however, was accompanied by what looked like F-22 Raptors, a pair. Hard to tell as all 3 seemed to be flying higher and faster. The F22's letting rip with full throttle ripping up the sky! Think that's it for now

this is what we saw

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